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1/26/2018 - Nabil Hafez

Rich was fantastic, he patiently worked with me to adjust what I needed to the budget I had set aside and when he and his crew began the work, they were very meticulous about the work they did. The island of trees was thinned and the trees that were supposed to be there were now visible. The lawn was cut out and removed, new loam was applied and seed was added. If the lawn was not properly watered, the lawn would go back to a state of disrepair. Rich recognized this and designed and installed an above ground water sprinkler system (my town outlaws in-ground systems not connected to a well) that can be deployed and stored away in the winter. Since then, I've received a number of compliments from neighbors who have called the lawn 'amazing' and even commented about how much diligence and care the landscaper put into the effort as they watched them doing it. Rich and the Hawkeye team did a wonderful job and for the first time since moving into the house, I am finally looking forward to the spring to see my beautiful green lawn.

Description of work:

After the drought a couple of years back, when I purchased my house, my front lawn on a hill situated in a very visible part of the neighborhood and facing the sun was scorched and in complete disrepair. There was hardly any grass to be found and the entire yard was taken over by every type of clover, crabgrass, and weed imaginable. It was a complete eyesore but I was also not looking forward to spending a fortune on getting it fixed. The whole lawn needed to be re-done. There was also an island of lilac and other invasive trees that had grown into a jungle in the middle of the lawn, I didn't know which trees were supposed to be there and which were invaders.

  • Category: Landscaping, Lawn & Yard Work, Lawn Irrigation
  • Services Performed: Yes
  • Cost: $6500
  • Work Completed Date: 10/8/2017
  • Hire Again: Yes
  • 9 CATHERINE DR  Northborough, MA 01532